A new dynamic platform

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We are pleased to launch this new web platform for the Interdisciplinary Journal of Health Sciences, in December 2013.

What is this new platform?

In the world of press and publications, Content Management Software (CMS) are becoming increasingly popular: online magazines have been using them since the beginning, but it is only very recently that academic journals (peer-reviewed) follow the same trend.

How come?  A short answer:

  • CMS have a user-friendly interface, both for the website administrator and the readers
  • CMS are the best to make a website that fits any device: easy to go mobile and compatible with all Internet browsers
  • CMS like WordPress have a strong community of users and developers who participate directly in developing the (open source) CMS with the addition of new plugins, themes and tools to respond better to every user’s needs

The IJHS platform is powered by the WordPress CMS. Creative and thorough work done by developers have recently enabled peer-review journals to work with this CMS to receive / edit / review / publish academic articles, while still benefiting from the dynamism of blogs.

Several features of the IJHS have changed:

  • An informative blog, interacting with readers and authors, and providing updates on the Editorial Board’s activities;
  • Peer-reviewed articles will be published online as soon as they have been approved for publication under the tag “Articles (EN)“;
  • Published authors will receive access to a short portfolio, referenced in a global biography system;
  • Authors can submit their manuscript by email;
  • Articles, blog posts, pages and many other tools are optimized for mobile devices (phones, tablets & mini-tablets).

But some things will not change:

  • Cumulative printed issues will continue to be released every academic semester;
  • Article’s reference do not change;
  • The IJHS remains fully bilingual (French & English);
  • The peer-review process does not change.

We are currently working on new features that will enhance both authors’ and readers’ experience. They will be released between January and May 2014.

Please let us know about your experience on the IJHS new website in this short survey.

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Gatien de Broucker

Économiste de la santé | Health Economist at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Gatien is studying health economics at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He has a keen interest for health literacy and the management and development of health knowledge. He was Editor-in-Chief of the IJHS between 2013 and 2014.

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