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Call for Submissions

Summer 2015: Public Health (Special Issue)

Throughout the 21st century, the evolving field of public health has strived to promote health and prevent disease among global populations. With a strong focus on health monitoring and public policies and campaigns, the health system challenges of today will soon be the achievements of tomorrow.

The Interdisciplinary Journal of Health Sciences intends to publish a special issue in Summer 2015, showcasing the multifaceted and interdisciplinary aspects of the public health field. The articles featured in this issue will serve to stimulate discussion and encourage public health advocates towards promoting and improving health for all.

We are pleased to invite students, professors, and professionals to submit an original research article (4000 words), an essay (1250 words), or an article, book, or media review (1000 words) in English or French before Friday, July 24th, 2015 on one of the following:

  • A research paper on a public health issue OR on one of the twelve determinants of health (as listed by the Public Health Agency of Canada);
  • A review of a textbook, a chapter of an edited book, or a peer-reviewed article featuring public health principles;
  • An essay on a current public health challenge or achievement and its impact on the general population

Please check our basic formatting criteria.

Manuscripts will be peer-reviewed and selected articles will be published in the regular or special issues of the IJHS. As the IJHS is a bilingual and an open-access endeavour, every abstract will be translated and all articles will be freely accessible to the public.

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Arlanna Pugh

MSc. Epidemiology Candidate at Queens University
Arlanna is currently studying epidemiology at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario. She aspires to investigate her research interests in aboriginal and international health. Arlanna was the IJHS editor in chief from 2014 to 2015.

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