Foreward – Volume 5, Issue 1

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Health care for all, a human right and priority, is an ideal yet ambitious goal. As an integral part of human life since the beginning of civilization, public health agencies have made significant strides towards ensuring health on both a local and global level. At its core, the field of public health strives to prevent disease and promote health among communities and populations. Largely influenced by surveillance data, which direct the establishment of public health policies, the field of public health research has grown and has tremendous potential. Furthermore, the shift towards more objective and empirical methods of testing, contrary to subjective opinion and experience, has opened up a gateway to new avenues of knowledge. Never before has public health research reignited the desire to ask questions and seek answers. With the advent of technology and globalization, this research can now be interpreted through a multifaceted lens and applied in culturally, socially, and environmentally appropriate ways. From tracking epidemics to developing vaccines, public health research will continue to inspire evidence-based policies and encourage both new and experienced researchers to look towards a brighter, healthier future.

Today, it is evident that inquiry and investigation are integral to the education delivered at academic institutions. Where there is a source of knowledge, there is the potential for discovery and innovation. It is for this reason that the Interdisciplinary Journal of Health Sciences strives to create a platform for students interested in showcasing noteworthy research. Having held a strong focus on the determinants of health since its inception in 2009, this special issue on Public Health pays tribute to the journal’s traditional roots and features original works from student researchers.

It is with sincerest appreciation and gratitude that I thank all those involved in the publication and dissemination of this issue. First, I would like to thank Agata Dzwonek and Andrea Zumrova for this issue’s creative cover page, Dr. Raywat Deonandan, for his academic and professional advice, as well as Jade Taki and Gatien de Broucker for their invaluable translation assistance. I would also like to thank the IJHS editorial committee – for their contribution as peer reviewers, interest in interdisciplinary collaboration, and passion for academic growth. Last, I would like to thank all the student researchers who allowed their interest in research and public health to flourish and seized the opportunity to share their work with peers. It is through the hard work of these devoted individuals that the articles presented in this issue can now contribute to the growing body of public health research.

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Arlanna Pugh

MSc. Epidemiology Candidate at Queens University
Arlanna is currently studying epidemiology at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario. She aspires to investigate her research interests in aboriginal and international health. Arlanna was the IJHS editor in chief from 2014 to 2015.

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