Foreword – Volume 1, Issue 1

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Authors: Premal PATEL & Robyn WINTERBOTTOM
Editors-in-Chief for 2009 – 2010 and 2010 – 2011 respectively

First Letter

In June 2009, after being elected as President of the Health Sciences Student Association, I was approached by Dr. Raywat Deonandan concerning the prospect of implementing a student-run journal within the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences. With the aid of Vice-President of University Affairs, Brendan McCullough, as well as a team of dedicated students, this idea quickly grew to fruition.

The Interdisciplinary Student Journal of Health Sciences is a student-run, peer reviewed journal which currently operates at the University of Ottawa. The journal seeks to include all facets of health sciences and is therefore open to students within the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences.

The IJHS aims to promote research, further educational standards and facilitate scientific discussion, and our mandate is to bring health science research to the forefront of the University of Ottawa community. By submitting to the IJHS, students will have the opportunity to have their work reviewed by experts in the field and will receive feedback letting them know how their personal projects can be improved.

Having been selected as a recipient of the Faculty of Health Science Mission Satisfaction Grant we hope to expand the journal beyond the School of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences and to integrate it within the Faculty of Health Science. We strive to allow students the opportunity to not only publish their own work but to take an active role within scientific discussion which is often highly under-looked in undergraduate education.

I have enjoyed my position as the inaugural Editor-in-Chief of the IJHS. I look forward to the future of this journal and will continue to offer guidance and support as needed.


Premal Patel, BHSc, MD Candidate, 2013

Second Letter

I am honoured to be the new Editor-in-Chief of the Interdisciplinary Student Journal of Health Sciences. A lot of hard work on the part of Premal Patel, Dr. Raywat Deonandan, and last years’ editors, has gone into making this journal a reality. I had the pleasure of publishing the inaugural issue of the IJHS, and I am glad to say congratulations to all of the authors who dedicated their time to producing the admirable manuscripts within.

I hope to aid in the continued growth and success of the IJHS this year, and will work toward its extension to the entire Faculty of Health Sciences. My primary goals include producing a second issue with equal representation of both French and English articles, and increasing the inclusion of work produced by original student research projects.

I look forward to working with the new team of student editors and with the professors and professionals within the Faculty of Health Science at the University of Ottawa. My great thanks goes out the individuals who participated in the peer-review process of the articles in the current issue of the IJHS. Furthermore, I thank Premal Patel and Dr. Deonandan for their commitment to this endeavor, and for their guidance as I’ve commenced the role of Editor-in-Chief.


Robyn Winterbottom, BHSc Candidate, 2011

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