Foreword – Volume 2, Issue 1

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The Editor-in-Chief for 2010 – 2011 and the Academic Supervisor

First Letter

Dear Reader,

I am so thrilled to present the second volume of the Interdisciplinary Student Journal of Health Science (IJHS). Emphasis on scholarly development and participation in research has become a mainstream feature of undergraduate education. Many students in the Health Sciences faculty at the University of Ottawa have been, or are currently involved with, valuable research during their education. The aim of the IJHS is to offer undergraduates the opportunity to experience completion of the research process through publication and dissemination of their work. Writing for an academic audience complements scholarly development, facilitates scientific discussion, and adds credibility to students’ work. The journal is committed to intellectual exploration across multiple disciplines in the health sciences; and I believe that the twelve articles selected for these two issues effectively represent our philosophy.

The publication of the journal would not have been possible without the support of numerous individuals. The peer review panel was composed of professors in the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences, as well as several professionals within the community. Their expertise and continued dedication to this initiative has been vital to the integrity of the literature within these pages.

I also extend my continued appreciation to Dr. Raywat Deonandan, whose commitment and guidance has been the cornerstone of the IJHS’ growth and development. His enthusiasm and support for undergraduate students has gone above and beyond any expectations I could have for a professor.

Finally I would like to thank the students on this year’s editorial committee. Their work ethic and innovative ideas have been invaluable to the publication process.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my work with the IJHS and I have no doubt that the continued passion and hard work of undergraduate students will enable success and longevity of this initiative.


Robyn Winterbottom
BHSc, University of Ottawa
MD Candidate, McMaster University

Second Letter

Increasingly, there is recognition that there is no true scholarship without the communication of insights and the sharing of observations. Indeed, for many, routine transparency is the hallmark of science. Hence, peer-reviewed journals, at whatever levels of impact, sophistication and reach, remain not only relevant, but essential for the maturation of both science and science students. To that end, I am proud that this journal is being sustained beyond its first issue as a solely student-run initiative. I believe that, in time, it will prove to be an essential element for the enriched education of all undergraduate health science students.

I wish to express my profound gratitude to this issue’s Editor in Chief, Robyn Winterbottom, whose workload was, at times, equivalent to a full time job, and to her impressive editorial team. Their dedication and passion for this endeavour have been both inspiring and humbling.

Aspects of the current issue were funded in part by a Mission Satisfaction grant from the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Health Sciences. This journal could not exist without the sustained confidence of the University’s faculty and administration, who have contributed through advice, translation, student mentorship, and by serving as valued peer reviewers.

Thank you all.

Dr Raywat Deonandan
Assistant Professor
Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences (ISHS)
Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Ottawa

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