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Recently, published articles received an increasing amount of comment submissions. We are very grateful to see how readers are engaging in the discussion with authors and other readers. The authors really appreciate this extra feedback that tells them more about the readers’ appreciation and understanding of their article.

For this, on behalf of the authors and of the Editorial Board, I thank every reader who takes the time to prepare a comment for any of our articles.

To encourage constructive and relevant comments and discussions, we feel that we need to put down in writing some principles: the common idea of a Comment Policy. We make it short and clear for a quick read.

See our Comment Policy page.

Editors read every submitted comment prior to their publication in the comment section; they may not approve or may identify as “spam” comments that are not deemed appropriate. We are not necessarily looking for deep and specialized discussion around the subject – a simple word of appreciation from a reader is also welcome, but we wish to avoid commercially-oriented and inappropriate comments as they are rather detrimental to the discussion. Note that this kind of policy is common practice among journals and blogs that promote readers’ engagement in research.

Our web platform, powered by WordPress, offers quite advanced commenting capabilities. Readers may log in, in the comment section, using the same credentials as they use for other blogs, websites, and social networks.

I hope that you will enjoy your experience with the Interdisciplinary Journal of Health Sciences and wish you a happy reading!

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Gatien de Broucker

Économiste de la santé | Health Economist at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Gatien is studying health economics at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He has a keen interest for health literacy and the management and development of health knowledge. He was Editor-in-Chief of the IJHS between 2013 and 2014.

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