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Canada’s New Food Guide: A Dietitian’s Perspective

On January 22, 2019, Health Canada unveiled the ninth version of Canada’s Food Guide. This was a necessary overhaul as the previous version, Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide, hadn’t been updated since 2007 (Health Canada, 2007).  Canada’s Food Guide is a tool developed by Health Canada to provide a basic tool to improve nutrition education and literacy in Canadians. The previous food guide received scrutiny from health professionals and the general public claiming it was outdated and influenced by the food industry, thereby adversely affecting its credibility (Health Canada, 2015). The newest version was produced in consultation with Canadians, including the general public, policy makers, and healthcare professionals and provides nutrition recommendations that align with the current nutrition research. The new Food Guide has many improvements; however, there are still some areas that lack inclusiveness for all Canadians.

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