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Associate editor for the IJHS. Bachelor of Health Sciences, class of 2014, University of Ottawa.

Education and Literacy

“An additional four years of education lowers five-year mortality by 1.8 percentage points; it also reduces the risk of heart disease by 2.16 percentage points, and the risk of diabetes by 1.3 percentage points” (Cutler & Lleras-Muney, 2006).

Education has a strong positive relationship with health status. Its effect is facilitated through several different pathways. Let’s explore them.

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Personal Health Practices and Coping Skills

Many different factors influence human health and well-being, and there are a great many different ways of defining health and well-being, from the simple absence of measurable disease to a more abstract sense of physical and social actualization.  Regardless of how we define the outcome, decades of research suggest that there are a host of variables that interact and have an influence on the human condition.

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