What is the IJHS?

Housed within the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa, the Interdisciplinary Journal of Health Sciences is devoted to showcasing and disseminating original research within the health sciences, with special consideration for emerging scholars. The IJHS values a truly interdisciplinary approach and, for this reason, has been organized in a manner that is consistent with the determinants of health.

The journal was founded in 2009, and enjoyed expansion the following year due to funding from the Mission Satisfaction program of the University of Ottawa. To date, it remains a non-profit, open-access endeavour, with no financial or administrative ties to any institution (ISSN 1920-7433).

Our current publication schedule allows for 1-2 issues per academic year; however, submissions are accepted all year. All submissions of scholarly merit are welcome, and we accept submissions in both English and French.

We cordially invite you to read our Strategic Report explaining everything there is to know about the IJHS: its missions, its mandates, its objectives, its organizational structure and its development projects.



Revue interdisciplinaire des sciences de la santé – Interdisciplinary Journal of Health Sciences