Appeal Process

What is the Appeal Process?

Every decision made on every manuscript is the result of a thorough review: careful attention is given to the explanations provided to the author(s).

Nevertheless, if you feel that our explanations are not clear or if you disagree with the Editorial Board’s decision, you may request a further review of your submission, this time with consideration to the specific points you raise.

Conditions to appeal a decision


Before you send us your request to appeal the Editorial Board’s decision toward your manuscript, please verify that you meet all the conditions below:

  1. You submitted a manuscript to the RISS – IJHS;
  2. Your manuscript has gone completely through the first phase of the review process (review & editing by an editor of the RISS – IJHS) but did not advance to the second phase (review & editing by peer-reviewers);
  3. The decision not to publish your manuscript was made within the last six months;
  4. For a submission with multiple authors, all authors agree to appeal the Editorial Board’s decision (a proof may be requested).

Reasons to appeal the Editorial Board’s decision

  • You are not satisfied with the reasons given by the editor for the rejection of your manuscript, or
  • You do not agree with the required modifications (required in order for the manuscript to be accepted)

Make sure that your reasons are clearly stated in the email to the Editor-in-Chief.

About the Appeal Process

You will remain anonymous through the process

You must give your name and the title of your manuscript in your Request for Appeal. We will take your name off the manuscript if other members of the Editorial Board (except for the Editor in Chief and the Editor responsible for Logistics) were to be consulted. Your name will not be disclosed.

The reasons for the appeal must be clearly stated

If we cannot understand the reasons for your appeal, there will be no follow-up to your Request for Appeal.

The manuscript will not be re-examined by the editors who reviewed it the first time

The review of the manuscript will be done by a new group of editors, including the Editor in Chief who usually does not take part in the Review process. They will examine the manuscript in the light of the reasons you bring forward.

The decision will be final

You will be notified of the final decision by the Editor-in-Chief.

  • If the manuscript is accepted without any required modification, the manuscript will undergo automatically the second phase of the review process.
  • If the manuscript is accepted with required modifications, you will be asked to follow the given recommendations in order to undergo the second phase of the review process. We will not accept any other Request for Appeal for this manuscript.
  • If the manuscript is not accepted, the manuscript will not proceed to the second phase of the review process. We will not accept any other Request for Appeal for this manuscript.

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