Become a Reviewer

Why becoming a reviewer?

  1. To participate in student’s development of research, social and writing skills
  2. To be acknowledged as a reviewer in a peer-reviewed academic journal in the sector of health
  3. To encourage actively this initiative and the participation of students to the development of knowledge.

What does it imply?

Becoming a reviewer shouldn’t mean to feel obligated to a quantitative performance. We want it to be a fulfilling pedagogical and academic experience for the person who undertakes it.

When you apply to become a reviewer, we will personally discuss with you to see what are the best arrangements that can be made in term of time-management and field of expertise:

  • When and how often do you wish to participate to a peer-review evaluation?
  • In what domain or discipline would you be able and like to judge student’s submissions?

As a reviewer, you will have access to working documents and ongoing support to help you in your task.

Who is eligible to review?

As much as we appreciate every single candidate who proposes her/himself for a reviewer position, we can only accept applications from individuals who have experience in a particular field of expertise related to human health (e.g., one of the determinants of health), either by teaching it or by being professionally active in it.

To assess such experience, every candidate should briefly describe her/his professional activity and experience, related to human health and, if pertinent, to one of the determinants of health.

An affiliation to an institution is a great asset. For example, if you work for a particular university department or for a governmental or private research institution, we would be glad to consider it in your application.

How can I propose to participate in the peer-review process?

You can send an email to the Editor-in-Chief at with “Application to become a reviewer” in the subject.

In your email, we would like to find:

  • Your full name and professional title(s) (if pertinent)
  • The email address with which you wish to correspond
  • City, province/state/region, and country of residence
  • A statement of your interest to become a reviewer for the Interdisciplinary Journal of Health Sciences
  • A description – from 10 to 20 lines – of your experience in a particular field of expertise related to human health (e.g., one of the determinants of health)
  • Any affiliation to an institution (academic or professional)

Your information will remain confidential and will only be used by our peer-liaison editors during the application process. If your application is accepted, the information you provided (with exception to the description of experience) may be shown on a public web page (including one about our Benefactors). May you have any questions about becoming a reviewer, please let us know.

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