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When they submit an article to the IJHS, authors are looking for feedback to help them tailor their article to academic standards and further develop their research skills. While authors generally receive an extensive academic feedback from our peer-reviewers, experts in public health research, they also benefit from comments and questions sent by the readers.

Comments and questions on any of our articles and posts are more than welcome!

However, to keep the comment section of each article and post interesting for both authors and readers, the IJHS Editorial Board asks everyone to understand the following rules.

Moderation principles

1.  Every comment submitted must be approved by an editor to be published in the comment section.

2.  Editors may disapprove or mark as “Spam” any comment that is deemed inappropriate, based on their content and format. Such comments include (but are not restricted to):

    • Comments that are not related to the article;
    • Comments written in another language than English or French;
    • Comments that contain discriminatory references;
    • Comments that are associated or may lead to an external source or website that is judged inappropriate (ex: commercial websites, unrelated video or other media, etc.)

3.  Comment approval does not mean endorsement by the IJHS, any of its editors, or the article’s author(s).

4.  As WordPress is a dynamic platform, the above-mentioned rules may be modified at any time, without prior notice. New rules may be applied retroactively to published comments.

The same rules apply to WordPress’ Trackbacks and Pingbacks.

Users who have an account on the IJHS website (authors, editors, and other users) are encouraged to log in before writing comments.

Several pages on this website do not allow any section for comments. However, we would be pleased to listen to your feedback or answer any of your questions regarding such page. Please direct your comments / questions / suggestions to

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