Conditions of use

Use of the Open Journal System (OJS)

All papers must be submitted to the IJHS through the OJS. If you experience any difficulty while submitting your paper and/or completing the forms, please contact

For multiple author submissions, ALL AUTHORS MUST BE MENTIONED IN THE FORM. By making a submission, authors acknowledge that they are both individually and collectively responsible for all submitted content, that all other team members have been consulted in this submission process, and that they take all legal responsibility for the content, authorship and attribution of submissions.

Other than the authors, any individual participating in the study can be included in the acknowledgement section of the article (not in the OJS).

If the submission was successfully sent through the OJS, you will be shown a confirmation message. This operation cannot be undone: be sure to review the submission forms before you send it. To help you follow your submission, an editor will inform Author 1 when the submission starts the editing process.

Role of Author 1

The IJHS’ editors will correspond with Author 1 to follow up on the review and editing process, especially: corrections that need to be made to the original paper, feedback from the peer-review process, and final decisions upon the approval for publication. It is Author 1’s responsibility to communicate the information to the other authors.

Limitations of submission

There are no specific limits in terms of the number of submissions one can send at once. For each submission, the author(s) must complete a new online form with all required details.

Responsibilities of the RISS – IJHS

The RISS – IJHS will:

  • Review the submission through a fair, transparent and reliable review and editing process;
  • Ensure that all submitted information will remain confidential and that it will not be communicated outside the journal’s review committee;
  • Follow up with Author 1 (and other authors of the submission if they explicitly demand so) about the submission;
  • Respond to any reported issue about the submission process and the OJS in a timely manner.

The RISS – IJHS will NOT:

Take responsibility for not-received submissions sent through the OJS – it is the author(s)’s responsibility to ensure that the submission has be successfully sent to the IJHS: a confirmation page should show for every successful submission; if in doubt, send an email at:

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