Invitation to prospective editors

The Interdisciplinary Journal of Health Sciences’ mandate is essentially to:

  1. Highlight the outstanding work in the field of human health, related with the determinants of health, produced by students of any cycle;
  2. Put forward interdisciplinary research in the field of human health.

In that perspective, editors of the IJHS work hard to stimulate, recognize, edit and publish student research, and to present this valuable new knowledge to the many organizations that would put this research to good use. Throughout their work, editors will have students’ interest at heart.

Working for the IJHS

What the IJHS offers

All positions at the IJHS are voluntary-based. Yet, they require editors to understand and take care of several responsibilities linked to its mandate.

Through the Editor-in-Chief, the Academic Supervisor and the Editorial Board, the IJHS will:

  • Give credit of their production to each editor;
  • Provide the editors with the tools they need to edit and work on their respective tasks;
  • Be responsive to each editor’s needs for help and for career development;
  • Work to enhance each editor’s personal career development with skill-building opportunities, experience tailoring, and professional support and advertising based on the editor’s engagement in the IJHS’ activities.

Skills we are looking for:

1) Strong oral and writing proficiency in English and/or French

  • This competency is assessed through a proof of experience in writing university papers (course assignment, academic article, research project) in either language OR in editing such papers, and possibly through academic references;
  • Prior experience in editing is an asset but is not mandatory: new editors are trained to review and edit manuscripts following the IJHS Guidelines.

2) Good knowledge of the determinants of health

  • A good understanding of the determinants of health (as defined by the Public Health Agency of Canada) means that editors understand that human health is affected by a blend of social, environmental and biological factors, at both the individual and community levels;
  • Anybody can develop a good level of knowledge of the determinants of health by reading and understanding this short presentation we prepared.

3) A skill you would like to further develop and put to practice

While editing takes most of our resources and time, editors are often called to take part in the activities that make the journal alive and responsive to both students’ and the scientific community’s needs. Some editors like to design posters, prepare pamphlets or present in classrooms and at conferences, others prefer to take the journalist cap and write articles and blog posts on recent events in public health. Many different activities are proposed to editors, but we also welcome new ideas in the context of our mandate.


  • Being a university student (from any level) at the time of application;
  • Being able to work for the IJHS for an average of five (5) hours per week over a fall and/or winter semester;
  • Being able to communicate regularly with the Editor-in-Chief (or with any other editor) by email for follow up and problem reporting;
  • Being able to participate in the Editorial Board’s meetings held at the University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.*

* Prospective editors who do not live in Ottawa are welcome to apply – since we look for expanding our coverage in other universities in Canada and as there are also opportunities to participate in the IJHS’ activities from a distance. In such a case, the applicant should be specific on how he/she wishes to contribute to the IJHS in their presentation letter. This will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

How to apply

Interested students should send an email to the Editor-in-Chief with the following documents:

  1. A presentation letter that covers how you fit the skills we are looking for:
    • a proof of experience in writing university papers in either English or French OR in editing such papers (point 1);
    • an affirmation that you know and understand the determinants of health (point 2);
    • a skill or capacity you wish to use to contribute to the journal’s daily activities and to its development (point 3);
    • a statement that you devote to the journal the amount of time required during the academic year (you may like to propose your service for more than one academic year, but we typically renew contracts every year);
  2. A résumé that includes your current and past academic curriculum and your work/volunteer experience relevant to health, education, and/or editing.

Both documents should be sent in either PDF or Word (.doc / .docx) format and the total size should not be over 1 Mb.

Please note that the Editorial Board will only contact retained applicants based on job availability.

Revue interdisciplinaire des sciences de la santé – Interdisciplinary Journal of Health Sciences