Our Peer-Reviewers

The Interdisciplinary Journal of Health Sciences relies on the generosity of the academic community and dedicated professionals alike. Their expertise allows many different perspectives to be included in a peer-reviewed publication.

We would like to thank all our participating peer-reviewers that not only make this initiative possible, but make it a learning experience for all students involved. Their comments, their opinions and their ideas encourage most student’s work in a very personal, yet professional, way; as such, their efforts undoubtedly enrich students’ university studies.

Past peer-reviewers

For confidentiality purposes, this list does not necessarily reflect the list of experts who are currently reviewing manuscripts for the IJHS.

  • Dr. Iva Apostolova
  • Dr. Shannon Bainbridge
  • Dr. Ivy Bourgeault
  • Dr. Raymond Baillargeon
  • Dr. Raywat Deonandan
  • Dr. Guy Drouin
  • Dr. Linda Garcia
  • Dr. James Gomes
  • Ms. Laura Hanson
  • Dr. Kerri-Ann Hogan
  • Dr. Jeff Jutai
  • Dr. Anne Konkle
  • Dr. Josée Lagacé
  • Dr. Hélène Laperrière
  • Ms. Erin Liu
  • Dr. Isabelle Marcoux
  • Dr. Ed Mills
  • Ms. Brieanne Olibris
  • Dr. Tracey O’Sullivan
  • Dr. Karen Phillips
  • Ms. Dana Riley
  • Dr. Dia Sanou
  • Dr. Ron Saulnier
  • Ms. Jessica Scott
  • Dr. Frédérique Tesson
  • Dr. Jocelyne Tourigny
  • Mr. Nicholas Valela
  • Dr. Sanni Yaya

Thank you for your ongoing support and help.

Become a reviewer

We always welcome individuals who are willing to share their expertise and their time to help further this student-led initiative. Learn more about becoming a reviewer for the IJHS.

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