Professors’ Portal

Dear Professor,

We want to thank you on behalf of all students who will benefit from your visit on the IJHS’ website. Your interest is the first step to make the submission process accessible to students.

Our submission criteria have been recently updated: they are based on the twelve determinants of health as outlined by the Public Health Agency of Canada. Ideally, students who wish to submit their original work should clearly identify which determinant of health is associated with their paper and the nature of the relationship – how is the subject related to human health through the chosen determinant of health? The approach by the determinants of health allows the participation of students from every discipline taught at the university level to our developing knowledge on health.

Professors form the pillar of the journal: some help the students to prepare their paper for submission while many others undertake the review process and promote the IJHS among their classes using the little addition we made for course’s syllabus, as well as various promotional pamphlets and posters.

You should find on this page almost everything you are looking for to get to know better the IJHS and to participate to its mission. We hope it will help you encourage students to prepare great research papers and to submit them for publication in the IJHS. If we missed something, we would be very happy to answer all your questions by email or in person (if you teach in the Ottawa-Gatineau region only). You can contact the Editor-in-Chief.

Yours sincerely,

The Editor-in-Chief

(drafted by Gatien de Broucker, Editor-in-Chief (2013-2014))

Revue interdisciplinaire des sciences de la santé – Interdisciplinary Journal of Health Sciences